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Man GooGoo is an award winning guitar player who writes, performs, records, mixes, and masters all of

his own original 
material.  Mixing his influences of Rock, Techno, Rap and Punk styles, each song is

uniquely different from the next and yet it has this very familiar and commercial sound.

In June 2014, Man GooGoo became a voting member of the Recording Academy a.k.a Grammy.
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Man GooGoo was born in Saigon, Vietnam.  Arriving as a child refugee in the U.S. MGG had to endure racial, economic, and social struggles.  Being the only asian in school for the first few years of his refuge, he learned how to adjust, adapt, and kick some ass.  

Man GooGoo was heavily into Break Dancing at the age of 13.  During this time, he won 2 break dance contest and was exposed to the hip hop (gang) lifestyle. MGG went on to learn how to play the guitar at the age of 15.  By 19, MGG was an award winning guitarist and had played in a few bands.  For the next several years he gained experience with live performances.  Performing in bars, clubs, theaters, halls, stadiums and even strip joints, it was a strong opportunity to get experience on the band stand.  

Man GooGoo decided to learned how to produce music and make his own beats in 2007.  Retiring from playing in bands, he successfully made beats for other artists until summer of 2010 when he decided to be an artist himself.  MAN GOOGOO was born.  

And now in 2015, after 5 albums, 1 EP, and a few dozen gigs including multiple appearances on multiple stages at the Burning Man festivals in 2011 and 2012, MAN GOOGOO continues to produce music for himself and for other artists.  




Break Break

Like Diamonds

I Wanna Go

What To Do

More music available on itunes, AmazonSpotify, and many other digital distributors.
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